Omo is a studio, a workshop, a gallery, a storefront, and a place for artistic experimentation. It is comprised of the individual and collaborative work of Jason Fiske and Kelly Schirmann and includes furniture, ceramics, prints, books, textiles, clothing, photographs, films, and music.

The things we make are products of a lifelong tendency toward creative expression, which has taken many forms over the years, and which continues to evolve as we move through life. The things we sell are designed to be beautiful and utilitarian; objects that we ourselves use and enjoy, designed to be long-lasting and spirit-ful companions on your journey.

Omo supports craft and artistry, exploration and utility. We believe in natural law and individual liberation. We make everything by hand, with the utmost care and respect for our materials and the process by which we shape them. Therefore, everything we make is infused with hours (weeks or months) of patience, love, and focused energy.

By supporting our work, you are directly contributing to the continued free expression of individuals committed to peaceful creative expansion and the development of a happier, healthier, more sustainable artistic practice and person.

Thank you for being here.